Welcome to my blog!

It has always been a desire for me to start blogging about the subjects that I am passionate about. Electronics is one of them, and now I feel overjoyed that I have finally made the first step with this blog.

This blog is not for a specific group of people or only engineers. Anyone who loves a bit of programming and digital electronics can enjoy reading through some of the projects I have worked on and please feel free to correct my mistakes and suggest alternative ideas.

On this blog you can find:

  v Hands-on experience with various TI micro controllers
  v         Embedded software programming techniques and some valuable tips
  v My mistakes so that you don’t do the same J

I am a self-motivated electronics engineer who enjoys constantly trying new things and exploring the world and the beauties it offers to us. I have always been interested in computers and electronic devices around me since childhood. Still remember my mom screaming at me many times after I messed up with a remote control, mobile phone or even an iron. I was only curious what was inside those fancy boxes. J

Anyway, let’s cut the intro short and do some work!

Have Fun!